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Biltong is gedroogde vleis en nie geprosesseerde vleis nie!

biltong biltong gesond dried meat gedroogde vleis geprosesseerde vleis Is biltong gesond? processed meat

In ‘n Health 24 artikel van 27 Oktober 2015 het die volgende verskyn:


Too much biltong, sausages and bacon causes cancer
The WHO has released a report stating that regularly eating processed foods such as sausages, bacon and even biltong ups the risk of bowel cancer. It also warned against too much red meat. -

Met ander woorde hulle klassifiseer biltong as geprosesseerde vleis, maar biltong is eintlik gedroogde vleis en word NIE geprosesseer NIE!

Die definisie van biltong volgens Wikipedia is:

Biltong is a variety of dried meat that originated in South Africa. Various types of meat are used to produce it, ranging from beef and game meats to fillets of ostrich from commercial farms. It is typically made from raw fillets of meat cut into strips following the grain of the muscle, or flat pieces sliced across the grain. – Wikipedia

Hieruit verstaan ons dat biltong “dried meat” is.  Kom ons kyk vervolgens na die definisie van “dried meat”:

Definition for Dried meat -

Dried meat products are the result of the simple dehydration or drying of lean meat in natural conditions or in an artificially created environment (Fig. 137, 138). Their processing is based on the experience that dehydrated meat, from which a substantial part of the natural tissue fluid was evaporated, will not easily spoil. Pieces of lean meat without adherent fat are cut to a specific uniform shape that permits the gradual and equal drying of whole batches of meat. Dried meat is not comparable to fresh meat in terms of shape and sensory and processing properties, but has significantly longer shelf-life. Many of the nutritional properties of meat, in particular the protein content, remain unchanged through drying.

Hier is nog een:

Dried Meats -

Dried meat products are lean meats, which have been dehydrated or dried in a natural or artificially created environment. This is basically meat with its natural tissue fluid evaporated.

Some examples of dried meats include biltong or meat floss.

Dit klink vir my nogal heel reg so.  Laat ons dus sien hoe “processed meat” gedefinieer word:

Definition for processed meat -

So, what is “processed meat” exactly? “Typically, it means anything more manipulated than cut or ground,” says dietician Lisa Cashman, RD. “This includes most lunchmeats found in deli counters, anything with a casing or in sausage form, and, of course, anything smoked or cured like bacon.”

Nou vra ek jou – het biltong ‘n “casing” om, word biltong gerook (smoked) of ge-“cured”?

Nee – biltong word gedroog!  So eenvoudig soos dit.  Biltong is “dried meat” en nie “processed meat” nie.

Suid-Afrikaanse navorsers het bevind biltong is ‘n veilige protein versnapering.  Verder sê hulle ook dat die kook van vleis lei tot die vrystelling van chemiese stowwe wat kan lei tot kanker vorming – maar biltong word nie gekook nie, biltong word gedroog!

Biltong is hoog in energie, protein en vet, maar laag in koolhidrate en dit bevat nie suiker nie.  Dit het ‘n lang raklewe en smaak boonop heerlik. - Maar – soos met alles wat lekker is – moet matigheid voor oë gehou word. 

Geniet ‘n handvol biltong een of twee keer per week.  Vermy biltong wat baie sout is, want dit kan bloeddruk verhoog.  Biltong kan veilig geniet word as deel van ‘n energie-gekontroleerde dieët! -

Geniet gerus julle biltong (binne perke) sonder om skuldig te voel!

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