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Claasens - a family owned business with #claasens product name established in 1955.  We manufacture meat processing equipment for biltong shops, hunters and home use.

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Claasens - The "original biltong slicer" since 1955.

The first hand biltong slicer was manufactured from wood and pieces of scrap metal. Once the idea was established, the slicer was manufactured from cast aluminium and the blade was designed to be in a spiral shape. The same blade shape is still in use today.

Die oorspronklike elekriese biltongkerwer het sy ontstaan gehad in 1955.  Dit was ontwikkel en gepatenteer deur mnr. Willem Claasens senior.

Die huidige besigheid vervaardig en bemark 'n reeks vleisverwerkingsprodukte vir die Suid-Afrikaanse, sowel as internasionale markte.

The biltong processing products are well known for its uniqueness and quality, and were developed based on the original patent.

The business is the leader producer with the most comprehensive product range for biltong processing.