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Snitte uit 'n beeskarkas

Beeskarkas Snitte uit beeskarkas Vleissaag

Die Claasens 410 Vleissaag is die ideale hulpmiddel om jou beeskarkas mee te saag.

Sien hieronder die verskillende snitte wat uit 'n bees gesny kan word:


                    How to Cook the Different Parts of a Beef Hind Quarter


No. 1. Loin, used for choice roasts, the porterhouse and sirloin steaks.

No. 2. Rump, used for steaks, stews and corned beef.

No. 3. Aitch-bone, used for boiling-pieces, stews and pot roasts.

No. 4. Buttock or round, used for steaks, pot roasts, beef a la mode; also a prime boiling-piece.

No. 5. Mouse-round, used for boiling and stewing.

No. 6. Shin or leg, used for soups, hashes, etc.

No. 7. Thick flank, cut with under fat, is a prime boiling-piece, good for stews and corned beef, pressed beef.

No. 8. Veiny piece, used for corned beef, dried beef.

No. 9. Thin flank, used for corned beef and boiling-pieces.



No. 10. Five ribs called the fore-rib. This is considered the primest piece for roasting; also makes the finest steaks.

No. 11. Four ribs, called the middle ribs, used for roasting.

No. 12. Chuck ribs, used for second quality of roasts and steaks.

No. 13. Brisket, used for corned beef, stews, soups and spiced beef.

No. 14. Shoulder-piece, used for stews, soups, pot-roasts, mince-meat and hashes.

Nos. 15, 16. Neck, clod or sticking-piece used for stocks, gravies, soups, mince-pie meat, hashes, bologna sausages, etc.

No. 17. Shin or shank, which is cut from either the leg or the shoulder as a lot of muscle and so therefore used mostly for soups and stewing.

No. 18. Cheek.

The following is a classification of the qualities of cuts of meat, according to the several joints of beef, when cut up.

First Class — Cuts of meat include the sirloin with the kidney suet (1), the rump steak piece (2), the fore-rib (11).

Second Class — Cuts of meat include the buttock or round (4), the thick flank (7), the middle ribs (11).

Third Class — Cuts of meat include the aitch-bone (3), the mouse-round (5), the thin flank (8, 9), the chuck (12), the shoulder-piece (14), the brisket (13).

Fourth Class — Cuts of meat include the clod, neck and sticking-piece (15, 16).

Fifth Class — Cuts of meat include the shin or shank (17).


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