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Electric Biltong Slicer .75kW
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Electric Biltong Slicer .75kW

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0.75kW high torque motor 220VAC, 50Hz 


Looking for a high-quality electric biltong slicer that can make your life easier in the butchery and/or biltong factory? Look no further than the Electric Biltong Slicer 0.75kW from Claasens, the best according to our clients!

This powerful industrial slicer is perfect for butcheries and biltong factories who needs to cut a lot of biltong. With its 0.75kW motor, this slicer is capable of slicing through even the toughest biltong with ease, making it the perfect addition to your biltong processing equipment for wet and dry biltong.

See the Instructions for Use below. You'll be amazed at how quickly and easily you can slice through pounds of biltong with this powerful machine. The replaceable mouthpiece, with feeder for safety of the user, clear cut action and ease of access for cleaning, distinguish this product from its rivals. 

It is made from high-quality materials, you can expect that the slicer will last for many years to come, with minimum maintenance.


Cuts 3mm biltong slices in a jiffy.

Mount the slicer to a table top with the additional table clamp, or specially designed stand - wall- or floor stand.

Just switch on and feed the biltong through the replaceable mouthpiece using the Electric Biltong Slicer Feeder to the last bit.  While feeding, turn the biltong to ensure that any sinews are cut through.  Do not touch the inside of the outlet, for the blade can cause serious injuries.

The attached hook makes it easy to hang a bucket to collect the biltong slices.

The feeder can be washed with warm soapy water.  Make sure to switch off the slicer and remove the plug from the power supply before cleaning.  Open the front cover by unscrewing the wing nut. Clean the inside of the front cover, the wheel and between the wheel and back plate with a damp cloth or brush.  Beware of the blade - it is sharp!  Close the front cover securely with the wing nut.

The blades and feeders of all the slicers are replaceable. 

  • Code:  75EK101
  • Packed weight:  18 kg
  • Package dimensions: 425x300x350


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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Alfred D.
Slicer, over engineered. just amazing

slices through the toughest of Biltong pieces like butter.
enjoying using it.
recommend 100 %

Martin R.
Awesome Product

Awesome service, Great Product !!!!

Vanessa P.
Fantastic service

Fantastic service, fast and friendly service. Thank you.

Mark P.
Excellent product

This slicer runs beautifully. Smooth and silent. Consistently thin slices. I should have bought this model a long time ago. My other slicer is so noisy and doesn’t produce consistent thickness of slices.

Frank P.
Very good Performance.

Very good Performance.