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Electric Biltong Grater
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Electric Biltong Grater

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0.75kW high torque motor 220VAC, 50Hz

  • Original patent
  • Durable epoxy finish
  • Effective grating action (biltong powdered)
  • Ideal for dry biltong
  • Production 9 kg/h
  • Hardened rotor (item code ERRL1072) & steel blade (item code ERKL1071)
  • Feeder included


Looking for a way to prepare your biltong powder? Look no further than the Electric Biltong Grater from Claasens!

This innovative gadget is designed to make your life easier by grating biltong into perfect fine or coarse biltong powder. (See the instructions for use to learn the difference between fine and coarse powder). With its powerful 0.75kW motor and durable hardened rotor and steel blade, this grater can handle even the toughest biltong with ease.

The Claasens Electric Biltong Grater also offers a range of other benefits that make it a must-have for any biltong shop. For starters, it's incredibly easy to use - simply plug it in, load up your biltong, and let it do the rest. And thanks to its compact size and sleek design, it won't take up too much space on your counter.

But perhaps the biggest benefit of the Electric Biltong Grater is the time and effort it saves you. No more struggling to powder your biltong by hand, or dealing with messy clean-up afterwards. With this grater, you can have perfectly grated biltong in seconds, with minimal mess and fuss.


Mount the grater to a table top or specially designed wall- or floor stand.

Switch on the grater.  Feed the biltong through the mouthpiece and rotate for best cutting results.  For safety reasons use the feeder to cut the last piece.  Use biltong that is dry enough to obtain a fine biltong powder.

Another option is to first cut the biltong with a standard biltong slicer. Then put the slices through the grater for a coarser biltong powder.  Make use of dry enough biltong slices. This method produce more biltong powder.

Do not touch the inside of the outlet, for the blade can cause serious injuries.

The feeder can be washed with warm soapy water.  Make sure to switch off the grater and remove the plug from the power supply.  Open the front cover by unscrewing the bolts. Clean the inside of the front cover and back covers with a damp cloth or brush.  Close the front cover securely with the bolts.

The rotor and the blade can be sharpened or replaced.  Because the rotor has two sharp sides, it can be turned before it needs to be sharpened.

The small blade should be aligned to the rotor at all times.  The correct alignment has the smallest gap without touching the rotor.  A piece of paper can be used to align the small blade.

  • Code: 75ERR107
  • Packed weight:  16 kg
  • Package dimensions:  380x230x300 


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