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Meat Band Saw
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Meat Band Saw

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  • Electric motor - 0.75kW 230VAC, single phase
  • Drive system - V-belt & chain
  • Mincer - No. 22 Aluminium with feeder
  • Mincer blade and plate stainless steel
  • Machine box - Steel plate epoxy coated
  • Top, sliding board and support - Stainless Steel                                                       
  • Bodywork for blade - Aluminium top
  • Blade stabilizer - Above and below workspace
  • Blade tension adjustment - Spring & screw
  • Saw blade reels - 280mm with a blade support
  • Saw blade and speed - (0.5x16)x2200mm, 4TPI, 9m/s
  • Work opening - B260mm x H350mm



The high torque 0.75kW motor helps to saw a medium carcass with ease. The number 22 mincer is ideal to ground the meat and a feeder is included with the mincer.

The saw is made from cast aluminium (the bodywork for the blade), epoxy coated steel plate for the machine box and stainless steel for the work surface.

The work opening (350x260mm) gives you the capacity to saw carcasses with ease.  The work surface is sufficient and the sliding board can be removed if needed.

A blade speed of 9m/s ensures a comfortable work pace. The blade tension can be adjusted. 

The 410 Claasens meat band saw is a medium size saw with a strong drive and a matching mincer.  This is real value for money and the saw is technically supported by a one year warranty from a local manufacturer. Spare parts are locally available.

  • Code: 75VSM410
  • Packed weight:  58 kg
  • Package dimensions:  520x620x1120 


We can send your product via Courier or PostNet to Door!  Or you can collect at our premises.


Safe work guidelines

  • Make sure you are fully trained to operate the meat band saw safely.
  • Keep your eyes on the meat while you are cutting it.
  • Make sure you turn the saw off after you use it.
  • Observe strict personal hygiene precautions to avoid the possibility of infection.
  • Keep the floor and work area around the machine clear and slip-free at all times.
  • Wear eye protection as required.

And remember …

  • Do not force the meat through the saw – your hand could go with it.
  • Do not operate the band saw while wearing loose clothing, gloves, long sleeves, jewellery, or necklaces.
  • Do not clean the saw or try to clear food from the table unless it has come to a complete stop.
  • Do not be distracted when operating the saw.
  • Do not clean under the table or around the band saw pulleys unless it has been unplugged.
  • Do not change the blade unless it has been unplugged.


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