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Meat Band Saw
Meat Band Saw
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Meat Band Saw

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  • Electric motor - 0.75kW 220VAC, 50Hz
  • Drive system - V-belt and key 
  • Bodywork made of cast aluminium
  • Work surface, sliding board and thickness cut support - Stainless Steel                                                       
  • Blade stabilizer - Roller bearing and adjustable nylon bar
  • Blade scraper - on inside of blade
  • Blade direction stabilizer - adjustable brass pieces 
  • Blade tension adjustment - Spring setting
  • Saw blade reels - 280mm with blade back support
  • Saw blade and speed - 4TPI 0.5mm x 16mm x 2200mm, 9m/s
  • Work opening - W260mm x H310mm
  • Saw stand - supplied standard


The Claasens meat band saw is technically developed to provide effective performance.

A high torque motor, reliable drive system and stable blade makes sawing meat a pleasure!

This bandsaw is built of cast aluminium with a strong frame. It is functional and of high quality, destined to be used for many years.

The high torque 0.75 kW motor is strong enough to easily cut through meat. The work opening of 310 x 260 mm gives the capacity to process medium sized carcasses. All the meat contact surfaces namely the top plate, sliding board, and thickness cut support are all made of stainless steel. The work surface is big enough and the slide plate operates with guides, which enables it to move easily, or it can be removed when not needed. 

The band saw door and frame inside are both easy to clean after the bandsaw is opened by means of the two bolts. The changing of blades are very easy by removing the front part of the work surface.

The blade speed ensures a comfortable work tempo. The saw blade's tension is adjusted manually while a spring keeps the tension constant for proper cutting. The 16 mm wide blade is well supported by reels and blade stabilizers and a blade scraper. 

The band saw stand is supplied standard with the saw.

The 430 Claasens meat band saw is a 2nd generation quality saw with a strong drive system. It is good value for money and is technically supported with a one-year warranty by the local South African manufacturer.


Before using the band saw:

  • Ensure the blade moves freely when moved manually
  • Ensure the blade tension is good by using the adjustment knob on top of the saw
  • Ensure the frond and back work surfaces are fixed properly
  • Ensure the band saw door is closed and safe to operate
  • Use the sliding plate and thickness cut support to saw safely

Safe work guidelines

  • Make sure you are fully trained to operate the meat band saw safely.
  • Keep your eyes on the meat while you are cutting it.
  • Keep the floor and work area around the machine clear and slip-free at all times.
  • Wear eye protection as required.
  • Do not force the meat through the saw, let the blade do the cutting.
  • Do not operate the band saw while wearing loose clothing, gloves, long sleeves, jewellery, or necklaces.
  • Do not clean the saw or try to clear food from the table unless it has come to a complete stop.
  • Do not change the blade unless it has been unplugged.
  • Code: 75VBS430
  • Packed weight:  50 kg
  • Package dimensions:  L650xW550xH1150mm 


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