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Patty Former Dagwood
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Patty Former Dagwood

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  • Epoxy coated  
  • Aluminium contact surface
  • Patty size 100x100mm 
  • Press with hand 
  • Quick and handy 
  • Patty to fit on a slice of bread


Introducing the Patty Former Dagwood from Claasens! This innovative kitchen tool is a must-have for anyone who loves making delicious burgers at home. With an epoxy-coated body and an aluminium contact surface, this patty former is built to last and withstand the rigours of regular use.

The Patty Former Dagwood is designed to make perfect patties every time, with a size of 100x100mm that's just right a delicious dagwood burger. You can press your patties with your hand, making it quick and handy to use.

With the Patty Former Dagwood, you can easily create patties that fit perfectly on a slice of bread, making it ideal for those who love to make Dagwood-style sandwiches. 


The Claasens patty formers (presses) are made from cast aluminium, and is epoxy coated. 

Use freshly ground mince, press into a little ball and place on the work surface or on a patty divider (available as an optional extra). Lower the patty former over the mince and exert pressure.

The firmer the pressure, the firmer the patty will be.

Lift the patty former and place another patty divider on top. It is only necessary to use patty dividers should you need to stack and freeze the patties.

All our patty formers are easy to clean in warm, soapy water and should be dried thoroughly. Other than that, the patty formers are maintenance free.

  • Code: PV218
  • Packed weight:  2 kg
  • Package dimensions:  110x110x160


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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Edric T.
Patty Former Dagwood

The device works perfectly and is very easy to use. It is very effective

Erika S.
5 star


Excellent Service & GREAT products

I bought all 4 burger formers, 110mm, 130mm, rib and square. SO impressed with the quality of all 4 products. Made 200 patties within 30 minutes..all perfectly round and without much effort. Sonja was so friendly and professional to answer all my questions and to complete my order. I have received my parcel in Cape Town - within 5 days. VERY happy with super great service and excellent Value for money products. These items will last for years and I would be very happy to recommend these burger patty formers.

Gottfried S.
Wrong item sent

You sent me the ribburger former and not the square dagwood former.

Rialto G.
Patty Former Dagwood

Great Product

Thank you